Transferring home care services to another approved provider

Page last updated: 05 December 2017

This fact sheet and application form should be used by approved providers wishing to transfer their home care services to another approved provider as part of a merger or acquisition.

This fact sheet should be used by approved providers wishing to transfer their home care services to another approved provider as a result of a merger or acquisition, to support them in completing the application process.

In this process clients are exited from a service and transferred to a service of another approved provider. This is likely to be the result of a merger or acquisition. The original service will only be closed if this is requested. You may wish to leave it open but list it as inactive in My Aged Care.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT make any changes in the Aged Care Online Payment System unless specifically instructed to by DHS after they have suspended advance payments, as this may result in the withdrawal of a client’s home care package.

Note that if you are looking to move clients from one of your home care services to another within your control, you can do this via a self-service process. For information on how to complete this process, see the quick reference guide available on the Information for service providers website. 

Step 1: Feasibility Checks

Before commencing the process, you should ask the following questions:

  • Are claims for all associated services up to date?
    • If not, work with the Department of Human Services (DHS) to resolve any outstanding claims as refunds cannot be applied once the service is closed.
  • Are there any outstanding refunds still to be applied?
  • What is the size of the service being transferred?
    • Systems processing involves manually discharging clients from the closing service before admitting them to the new service – so timeframes for completion may be potentially longer where there are larger number of clients affected.
  • Have you notified the affected clients of the change?

Also make sure that you have read and understood the considerations listed in the Application Form carefully before commencing this process.

Step 2: Link the services through the My Aged Care Provider Portal

Link the continuing service(s) to the outlet that you want to receive referrals through in your provider portal. This ensures that the Department of Health (Health) can issue and accept referrals to the correct outlet in Step 4.

Step 3: Complete application and submit to Health

An application to transfer home care package services to another provider must be submitted to the Health’s state or territory network (HSN) office in which the continuing home care service is located, at least 60 days before the day on which the approved provider proposes for the variation to take effect. The variation day must also be the first day of a month. The HSN will validate the application and notify the approved provider of any potential issues with processing. 

Make sure that you attach a copy of your latest DHS payment statement including a list of all of the clients you wish to vary.

Step 4: The HSN will direct the application form to the relevant teams for processing

This will include:

  • Health teams for the acceptance of referrals to the correct outlet and associated service in My Aged Care. If you have configured your settings in the My Aged Care provider portal to receive email notifications, this will likely be generated at this step. In this case you will receive the following system generated notification: 

Client has home care referral accepted.

Your client xxxxxxxx (Aged Care User ID ACxxxxxxxxx), recently initiated a transfer to a new home care service and a referral was accepted on xxxxxxx. This is the first step in changing home care providers. The client will also need to agree a cessation date with you and enter into a Home Care Agreement with a new provider.

You should now have a discussion with your client to reach a mutually agreed cessation date, in consideration of the circumstances, the terms of the Home Care Agreement, and the legislative rules governing home care. You will need to continue providing care to the client up until the cessation date. You may also need to transfer any unspent funds to the new provider.

More information about your responsibilities in this situation is available at

Note that all required actions for this process have been completed on your behalf, so you are not required to take any action at this point.  

  • Alerting DHS to suspend advanced payments for the ceasing service and initiating the recording of exit and entry information in the Aged Care Management Payment System. Note that if you use online claiming, you may be contacted by DHS with information on how to complete this step yourself. 

Step 5: Process completion

The HSN will notify you when the process has been completed. At this point you should:

  • Update details in the My Aged Care Provider Portal, e.g. mark services as inactive if applicable.  
  • Check statements to ensure payments have been processed correctly.

Key points to remember

  • Once services are transferred on the DHS Aged Care Management Payments System (ACMPS), the process cannot be reversed.
  • The User Rights of clients affected by this change must be assured.
  • Clients impacted by the combining of services are not treated as new clients; they will retain their original Aged Care ID for the purposes of future claims.
  • The transferring process cannot be used as a trigger for new fee arrangements to be applied to clients who are being moved across to the continuing service.

Further information

To speak to a HSN office, phone 1800 020 103 and ask for aged care services in your state or territory. Alternatively contact them via the relevant email address below.

State or Territory Office Email
ACT / New South Wales
Northern Territory
South Australia
Western Australia

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