List of Services Where Extra Service is in Operation

Page last updated: 01 December 2016

Extra Service status in residential aged care involves the provision of additional hotel type services and a higher standard of accommodation, food and services than the average provided by aged care homes which do not have Extra Service status. Residents are required to pay an additional fee for these services and may pay a bond.

Extra Service does not mean that a higher level of care is provided to residents. Residential aged care providers are required to meet designated care standards for all residents.

A residential aged care home can have Extra Service status for the whole home or for a distinct part of the home.

Approved providers who offer Extra Service Status at their service(s) are able to publish a list of the extra services they offer, known as a Benchmark List, on the Department’s website. A “*Yes” in the “Benchmark List” column indicates that you are able to access the (Benchmark) list detailing the extra accommodation, services and food provided under Extra Service by the aged care service. Commencing from the 2003 Extra Service Approvals Round, these Benchmark lists have been made available to prospective residents. When you see a “*Yes” in the Benchmark List column, simply click on the name of the aged care home to view what that Service provides.

To find Extra Service places in your State or Territory, please select from the list below: