Higher Accommodation Supplement

Page last updated: 04 June 2019

The Government has increased the accommodation supplement paid on behalf of eligible residents who receive aged care in either:

  • new residential aged care facilities that have been completed on or after 20 April 2012; or
  • existing residential aged care facilities that have been significantly refurbished on or after 20 April 2012.

The intent of the higher maximum accommodation supplement is to encourage the development of additional capacity in the residential care sector and enhanced quality and amenity of accommodation for residents. The maximum level of the accommodation supplement has increased to $57.14 per day (20 March 2019 rate).

Newly Built Residential Care Services facilities

Newly built services that have been completed on or after 20 April 2012 will automatically qualify for the higher accommodation supplement. Services in newly built facilities are not required to submit an application.

Eligibility will be determined using information collected by the department of Health from existing processes. 

The term ‘newly built residential care service’ is defined in the Aged Care (Subsidy, Fees and Payments) Determination 2014, which can be accessed at the Federal Register of Legislation.

Significantly refurbished facilities

Applicants should check if they are eligible prior to applying by reviewing the eligibility criteria for the higher accommodation supplement in relation to significantly refurbished services.  The eligibility criteria is set out in the Subsidy Principles 2014 (the Principles). You can access the Principles at the Federal Register of Legislation.

Services in refurbished facilities are required to apply to the Secretary of the department for a determination that their service is ‘significantly refurbished’.

There are two pathways to seek a determination from the Secretary that a service is significantly refurbished and therefore eligible to receive the higher accommodation supplement.

Pathway 1: Standard approval

The first pathway is to apply for ‘standard approval’, which is for services with completed refurbishments.

Pathway 2: Pre-approval

Services that are proposing to undertake refurbishments can apply for ‘pre-approval’.  This comprises two-stages, pre-approval and confirmation of completion.  If you receive pre-approval for a proposed refurbishment, the higher accommodation supplement is not paid until all criteria is confirmed as met at the completion of the refurbishment.

Guidelines for Applying for the Higher Accommodation Supplement (the Guidelines).

The Guidelines assist service providers to assess their eligibility as a significantly refurbished service and to complete the application form.

Please ensure you have read and understand the information provided in the Guidelines before completing a Higher Accommodation Supplement application.

Applying for the higher accommodation supplement

1.    Apply online – access the online form in the Forms Administration Portal, here you can also upload attachments securely;  

2.    Download and complete an electronic version of the    application form (see links to application forms below)

Application forms

1.    ‘Application for Standard Approval’ - for services with a completed refurbishment.

2.    ‘Application for Pre-approval’ – for services with a proposed refurbishment and you seek conditional approval.  

A pre-approval requires the confirmation form (below) to be submitted and a determination made by the department before the supplement is payable.

3.    ‘Confirmation of Completed Pre-approved Significant Refurbishment’ – must be submitted if you receive pre-approval.

If the incorrect application form is used, it cannot be assessed and will be returned to you un-actioned.  

If you have refurbished, or intend to refurbish, multiple services under the same approved provider you must complete and submit a separate application form for each service.

For eligible applications relating to completed refurbishments:

  • The higher accommodation supplement is payable from the day the application was received.   This applies for ‘Standard’ applications and ‘Confirmation of Completed’  applications.  

Submission of application forms

Before you submit your application form, regardless of the application type, please save/retain a copy of the completed form and all attachments for your records.

Completed application forms (including the confirmation form) and relevant attachments can be submitted via one of the following methods:




Forms Administration

PO BOX 5008


Should you require additional information or assistance with accessing, completing or submitting an application form, please contact Forms Administration via the contact details below.

Assessment of applications for the Higher Accommodation Supplement

Applicants will receive written notification of the outcome for standard approval and pre-approval applications within 60 days of receipt of an application, unless the department has made a request for additional information. If further information is required the period of time starting from the date of request through to and including the date of receipt by the Secretary of that additional information is not counted towards the 60 day period.

For pre-approved refurbishments, upon receipt of the confirmation form following project completion, written notification of whether the eligibility requirements have been met will be provided within 28 days.

Under section 55 of the Subsidy Principles 2014, a request for further information must be provided within 28 days of receiving a request.  If the additional information is not given to the department within this timeframe, the application will be taken to be withdrawn.

Every reasonable effort will be made to process applications in a timely manner.  

For further information

For more information, please refer to:


Questions about the higher accommodation supplement may be sent via e-mail to: higher.accommodation.supplement@health.gov.au.