Aged Care Sector Statement of Principles

Page last updated: 01 February 2017

During 2015, the Aged Care Sector Committee has worked closely with the Australian Government to develop a set of Principles which will guide future changes in the aged care system and embed a constructive and lasting partnership between consumers, providers, the aged care workforce and the Government. 

The Aged Care Sector Statement of Principles (the Principles) comprises an overarching statement of purpose, an approach to partnership and explanatory statements for the individual Principles.  At its highest level, there are four guiding themes for the aged care system of the future:

  • consumer choice is at the centre of quality aged care
  • support for informal carers will remain a major part of aged care delivery
  • the provision of formal aged care is contestable, innovative and responsive
  • the system is both affordable for all and sustainable.

The Australian Government and the Aged Care Sector Committee are committed to developing an aged care system that is aligned to the Principles articulated in the Statement. 

The below diagram provides an illustration of the Principles.  Detailed information regarding each statement is provided in the attached documents.

Empowered consumers and informal carers Informal carers are recognised and supported Exercise responsibility and make decisions Drive quality Are active partners in decision making Make an equitable contribution to their care costs Are given access to the information they require  Innovative and responsive services Services available when and where people need them Services responsiveness to consumer wellbeing Providers who compete on quality, value and performance Services responsive to consumer diversity A skilled workforce continuous improvement and delivery  A viable and sustainable system for all Financially sustainable but affordable Funding attached to the consumer Integrated services delivered ina wholistic manner Market based funding Consumers protected by a strong safety net

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