Review of Meal Services under HACC

Page last updated: 26 June 2014

The Review of Meal Services provided to older people under HACC will consider the role of meal services as part of a comprehensive aged system and inform development of future models of meal services in the new Commonwealth Home Support Program.

The Review will explore the differences and similarities in current service models across each jurisdiction and identify issues related to sustainability and client preferences as well as examples of innovation.

It will cover HACC service types of delivered meals (home and centres), Other Food Services and assistance provided by allied health professionals such as dietitians and nutritionists in the context of meal services.

The Australian Institute for Primary Care and Ageing at La Trobe University has been engaged to provide research services to support the review of meal services. Key work to be undertaken by the contractor will include undertaking a literature review; mapping of existing service and funding models across all jurisdictions; and evidence collection consultations across all states and territories.

Consultations for the review of meals will run from Monday 1 July – Friday 19 July 2013.

All HACC funded Meals and Other Food Services providers have been invited to participate in the consultations as outlined below to inform the review.

Each consultation workshop will be held from 1.30-4.30pm on the following dates in 2013:

Bendigo - 1 July
Melbourne - 2 July

Hobart - 4 July
Launceston - 5 July

Adelaide - 1 July

Perth - 4 July
Bunbury - 5 July

Sydney - 8 July
Wollongong - 9 July

Canberra - 11 July

Brisbane - 15 July
Cairns - 16 July

Darwin - 18 July

Should providers be unable to attend a workshop, they can still provide their input through completing a question form included in their consultation invitation kit and sending it back to La Trobe University in a reply paid envelope or emailed.

If providers wish to discuss their participation in the national consultations they can contact Barbara Parker at La Trobe via email at or call (03) 9479 5810.

For further information on the review please forward an email to