Viability supplement in home care

Page last updated: 03 January 2017

The viability supplement in home care is paid in recognition of the higher costs of providing services in rural and remote areas. The supplement must be included in the individual budget of eligible care recipients.


Eligibility for the viability supplement in home care is based on the suburb and postcode of the location where the care recipient receives care and services.

The approved provider must enter the location details for the care recipient through the Department of Human Services Aged Care Online Claiming webpage.

The viability supplement is then paid automatically on behalf of eligible home care recipients.

Eligible Multi-Purpose Services and National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flexible Care Services receive the viability supplement in home care as a component of their respective subsidy or grant payments.

New home care recipients

Care recipients who start a home care package from 1 January 2017 will be assessed for eligibility based on the Modified Monash Model (MMM) score of their location using the MMM Locality Classification – Home Care Subsidy

Care recipients who receive care in locations rated as MMM4 or higher are eligible for the viability supplement.

Existing home care recipients at 1 January 2017

Eligible care recipients in receipt of a home care package prior to 1 January 2017 who would receive a higher viability supplement rate under MMM will automatically transfer to the MMM rate.

Eligible care recipients who would otherwise qualify for a lower rate of supplement under the MMM rate will remain on the grandparented ARIA rate while they receive care in the same location. If a care recipient subsequently moves to a new location in a different suburb or postcode, grandparenting arrangements cease and they will be assessed for eligibility under the MMM rate at their new location.

Supplement payment rates

The current payment rates for the viability supplement in home care are available on the Schedule of Aged Care Subsidies and Supplements.

The viability supplement will be included on the provider’s payment statement for each eligible home care recipient.

Changing providers

Eligibility for the supplement will continue if a care recipient changes providers and care is delivered in the same location.  


For general enquiries about the viability supplement in home care, email