Financial changes to residential care

Page last updated: 12 October 2015

Our aged care system is world class, and the Australian Government currently spends more than $14 billion a year on aged care. Over 1.1 million people receive some form of aged care services each year, with three quarters of them receiving their services at home.

People are living longer thanks to better health and better health care. This means that fundamental changes are needed to ensure the system is sustainable, affordable, encourages businesses to invest and grow, and above all, offers choice and puts control back into the hands of consumers.

Over the next few years there will be changes to how aged care services are paid for and delivered so we have a sustainable system now and into the future.

We need your help to build a system that will nurture strong, viable businesses; attract a strong workforce; and deliver choice and flexibility for consumers. The changes to aged care on 1 July 2014 help build that system.

Financial changes to residential care