Research and statistics

Page last updated: 31 May 2018

Aged care data and information which may be useful for researchers, aged care providers, and anyone needing aged care data to inform research and decision making.

GEN aged care data

GEN is Australia's new website providing information and data on aged care. On the GEN website, you can utilise dynamic data products, access aged care reports and publications, and have the ability to request customised data.

Supported Resident Ratios

All aged care services, whether or not they are certified, are required to meet the supported resident ratio - formerly known as the concessional resident ratio - which applies to their region.

Home Care levels 1-4

Community Aged Care Packages, Extended Aged Care at Home and Extended Aged Care at Home Dementia packages, Home and Community Care, Consumer Directed Care and the Transition Care Program.

Quality and compliance

Sanctions, non-compliance, complaints, accreditation and standards relating to aged care providers.


National Respite for Carers Program, Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centres and various studies on carers.

Aged Care Approvals Round

Details about the 2014 Aged Care Approvals Round (ACAR).

Aged care planning region maps

Maps of the current 2018 and previous (2015) Aged Care Planning Regions. Correspondence of the 2018 Aged Care Planning Regions and Statistical Areas Level 2 (SA2s).

Aged Care Facilities which offer Extra Service

This page provides a list of aged care facilities in each state and territory which offer Extra Service.

Demographic facts of ageing in Australia

Appendix Q prepared for the Aged Care Financing Authority second annual report 2014.

Survey of disability ageing and carers 2012

This page contains information on the Survey of disability ageing and carers (2012) conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.