Role of the Aged Care Access Quality and Compliance Group

Page last updated: 06 January 2016

The Aged Care Access Quality and Compliance Group (the Group) provides a strong focus on the quality and accountability of aged care services delivered to care recipients and promotes compliance with the statutory obligations of approved providers.

The Group has the power to investigate aged care services funded under the Aged Care Act 1997.

The compliance activities of the Group have both a regulatory and quality improvement role. The Group manages national programs designed to ensure compliance with the Aged Care Act 1997 and also oversees the implementation of the aged care quality framework, including a package of reforms to improve quality of care and care recipient protection.

National programs managed by the Group include aged care accreditation, certification, compliance with legislation and user rights.

The Group also oversees:

  • police checks for relevant aged care staff and volunteers in Australian Government-subsidised aged care services;
  • compulsory reporting of sexual and serious physical assault in residential aged care, with protections for approved providers and staff who report;
  • compliance and sanctions action; and
  • prudential regulation.

The Group also has a role to promote clinical quality in aged care services and to implement programs to improve the skills and qualifications of the aged care workforce.

Further information is available on the Aged Care Quality and Compliance page.