Quality Indicator Programme - Frequently Asked Questions

Page last updated: 21 October 2015

Opportunity for Residential Aged Care Facilities to participate in the Quality Indicator Programme pilot

Providers are invited to participate in the National Aged Care Quality Indicator Programme pilot. This important pilot seeks to investigate and gather feedback from staff and services on the quality indicators for aged care. KPMG has been engaged to manage the national voluntary pilot.  KPMG will give services participating in the pilot support and information, including individual QI reports and outcomes.

Services will be provided with resources and support to help during the pilot. KPMG will analyse the pilot data and each facility will receive an individual report summarising their results.

From this, the pilot will examine the:

  • nature of data capture and data collection processes
  • accessibility and usefulness of pilot support materials
  • pathways for implementation and the reflections for consideration in the development of the National Quality Indicator Programme, and
  • format of the individual report summarising facility results.

Q: What does the pilot involve?

A: Facilities will be required to collect data on a number of quality indicators. These include the prevalence of pressure injuries, incidence and use of physical restraint and prevalence of unplanned weight loss. There will also be quality of life/consumer experience indicator(s).

The pilot will involve two data collection cycles commencing in May 2015, and mid
July 2015. Facilities will submit data to KPMG and then receive a report on their own results for each data collection cycle.

An important component of the pilot will be reflecting on lessons learned and providing that feedback to KPMG.

Q: What is the pilot about?

A: The pilot will gather feedback from residential aged care facilities about the experience of collecting and submitting data on quality indicators for aged care. The pilot will inform the National Aged Care Quality Indicator Programme. After the pilot, when the data has been established as robust and reliable, information will be published on the My Aged Care website.  The indicators will help individuals make informed choices about care options.

Participating facilities will be able to use the quality indicators to assist with continuous quality improvement. 

Q: How will the pilot benefit the facility?

A: Participants will be part of an important group that will shape the future direction of the National QI Programme for the aged care sector across Australia and provide input which will assist the development of the data collection processes. Participants will receive a custom report that shows performance over time for their facility.  Participants will be better prepared to participate in the National Aged Care Quality Indicator Programme when it commences. The National Aged Care Quality Indicator Programme is expected to enhance existing quality improvement programmes in participating organisations.

Q: What will participating facilities need to do?

A: Information will need to be collected about the quality indicators for each resident (identifiable, individual health records are not collected) and provided to the pilot team via a website. The indicators are pressure injuries, use of physical restraint, unplanned weight loss and quality of life/consumer experience indicators. More information about quality indicators will be provided during pre-pilot training.

Q: How much time will it take to participate?

A: The pilot cycles will run between May and September 2015. There will be two collection cycles during this time and it is estimated that collection time for each cycle will be up to about five minutes per resident. Additional time will be spent on preparation, training and reflection/provision of feedback.  Time invested in the quality indicators pilot will provide valuable data and experience for your facility and for the development of the quality indicator programme.

Q: How will the information be collected?

A: In many cases, information is similar to or the same as what is already recorded as part of standard care - for example, keeping records on pressure injuries and residents’ weight. The procedures used in the pilot to collect data may differ to the facility’s method due to the need for consistent collection nationally. A template will be provided to record information, and show how to complete and submit it via the website.

Q: Why is it important for quality information to be collected, analysed and shared?

A: Quality information can be used by the facility to track their results over time and compare them with other facilities in a de-identified manner. The purpose is for it to be used as a reference measure for continuous quality improvement effort. 

During the pilot, general information about quality indicators will be available for consumers to assist them in understanding quality in aged care.  After the establishment of the national programme, more detailed service level information will be useful for consumers to assist in their planning and choices.

Q: How will participants be supported during the pilot?

A: Pilot participants will receive training including written guides and access to the pilot team. Support will also be available via phone and email as needed.

Q: What happens with the information?

A: The information submitted by each facility will be transferred, securely stored and analysed by KPMG.  De-identified results in summary form may be used in consultation with the sector about the development of the national programme. The pilot results will not be published. Further information about how KPMG handles personal information is set out in KPMG’s Privacy Statement: http://www.kpmg.com/au/en/privacy/pages/default.aspx

Q: How can facilities register for the pilot?

A: If your facility is interested in participating in the residential aged care pilot, please contact a KPMG team member on:

Free call: 1800 881 436 and email AU-FMACQIS@kpmg.com.au

Q: How can others get involved?

A: If you are interested in sharing your experiences or providing input to the national implementation plan, please contact a KPMG team member on:

Free call: 1800 881 436 and email AU-FMACQIS@kpmg.com.au