ACFI Reviews and Reconsiderations in the My Aged Care provider portal

Page last updated: 22 September 2017


From 25 September 2017, streamlined functionality to support ACFI Reviews and Reconsiderations will be available in the My Aged Care provider portal.

Importantly, these changes aim to improve business efficiency and costs for providers by replacing paper based processes which have been dependent on postal services.

For more information relating to what is and is not changing, please refer to the fact sheets below.

Summary of changes

The changes will introduce streamlined functionality within the provider portal to help providers to:

  • Receive and action notifications for onsite and at desk ACFI Reviews being conducted by the Department of Health (DoH)
  • Receive notification of the results from ACFI Reviews and Reconsiderations through the provider portal
  • Make a request where they wish to have an ACFI Review classification decision reconsidered

It is important to note that the ACFI appraisal and reappraisal submission process via the Department of Human Services (DHS) will not change and the existing business rules remain in place.

Changes to the overall process also include:

  • A move away from paper-based processing
  • Strengthening My Aged Care to become a single source of truth for aged care service information
  • ACFI Review Officers and approved service provider staff will be able to access and input information into My Aged Care directly
  • Improved flow of information between the DoH and the DHS to support accurate payment of subsidies following ACFI Review and Reconsideration outcome
  • The ability for reconsideration requests to be initiated via the portal by approved service provider staff
  • Links to ACFI reference materials including the ACFI User Guide, information for service providers and guides and policies will be available through the provider portal.


Moving the ACFI Review and Reconsideration process to My Aged Care portal will have significant benefits to the management and delivery of the program, such as:

Process Efficiency:

  • Reduce administrative expenses and optimise ACFI Review processes
  • Optimise workflow by digitising tasks such as appointment bookings, requests for ACFI packs and supporting documents, results of Reviews, and results of Reconsiderations

Improved Visibility:

  • Centralised point for all ACFI Reviews and supporting documentation
  • Real-time visibility of information, notifications and decisions
  • Information accessed instantly

Significant time and cost savings:

  • A reduction in operational costs with the replacement of paper-based practices with an online presence
  • No longer reliant on costly and slow postal services
  • Seamless electronic interactions and processing

More reliable engagement:

  • Strengthened engagement and communication between service providers, ACFI Reviewers and DHS
  • Ability to immediately plan and action requests, notifications, and outcomes

Single source of truth:

  • My Aged Care provides a secure platform for capture and display of aged care service information
  • An assurance that information is accurate and up-to-date

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