ACFI Reviews and Reconsiderations in the My Aged Care provider portal

Page last updated: 15 September 2017

Provider portal changes to support Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI) Reviews and Reconsiderations

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This fact sheet is for residential care providers with an allocation of residential care places. It communicates the changes to the My Aged Care provider portal which will support elements of the ACFI Review and Reconsideration processes.

The changes are part of the Department of Health’s (the department) continued investment in the delivery of system and process improvements to My Aged Care, and will strengthen the positioning of the system as a single source of truth for aged care service information.

What is changing?

From 25 September 2017, streamlined functionality to support ACFI Reviews and Reconsiderations will be available in the My Aged Care provider portal. Service providers will experience the following changes:

1. New ‘ACFI Contact’ role
A new role will be available in the provider portal for organisation administrators to assign. Depending on how you manage ACFI Reviews in your organisation, you will be able to assign the role of ‘ACFI Contact’ to users at an organisation and/or outlet level i.e. residential care facility. This role will allow the nominated individual to receive and act on notifications regarding ACFI Reviews and Reconsiderations from the department.

2. New ‘ACFI Reviews’ tile will be visible in the My Aged Care provider portal
An ‘ACFI Reviews’ tile will be added to the My Aged Care provider portal for users who have been assigned the ‘ACFI Contact’ role. Users with this permission will then have access to an ‘ACFI Reviews’ page and an associated ‘ACFI Request Reconsideration’ page.

3. Ability to receive real-time notifications of an ACFI Review and Reconsideration result
ACFI Review and Reconsideration results will be uploaded to the provider portal, which allows service providers immediate access to Review and Reconsideration results.

4. Ability to request a Reconsideration following an ACFI Review
The ability to request an ACFI Review Reconsideration can be done electronically through the provider portal. Service providers can request a Reconsideration following a review decision and also provide supporting documentation by uploading any attachments.

Note: Providers will still be required to complete and submit a form and application fee for each ACFI appraisal question where an ACFI Reconsideration is sought.

Overview of key changes

Changes from September 2017

Replacing current arrangements

ACFI Reviews

Increased functionality in the My Aged Care provider portal to:
  • receive and action notifications for onsite and at desk ACFI Reviews
  • make a request where they wish to have an ACFI Review classification decision reconsidered
  • email notifications of at desk or site visits for an ACFI Review 
  • paper-based notifications of ACFI Review outcomes and
  • paper-based requests for a Reconsideration
Outcomes from ACFI Reviews will be published to the provider portal resulting in providers having online access to decisions Receipt of ACFI Review outcomes via registered post

ACFI Reconsiderations

Streamlined process to request an ACFI Reconsideration and upload supporting documentation to support the request Paper-based request for Reconsideration of an ACFI Review
Providers will be notified in real-time via the portal when a decision has been made regarding their ACFI Reconsideration request Reliance on manual preparation of paperwork and submission using postal services

Other processes

A streamlined and automatic flow of information between Department of Health (DoH) and Department of Human Services (DHS) to support accurate payment of subsidies Multiple hand-off points between service provider, DoH and DHS for the purposes of accurate subsidy payments
Ability to access frequently referenced ACFI materials via a designated ‘ACFI References link’ page in the portal Providers have to search multiple pages/sources for access to relevant information to support ACFI submissions and Reconsiderations

What is NOT changing?

  • There will be no changes to the ACFI appraisal and reappraisal submission process i.e. you will continue to submit appraisals via DHS (Medicare).
  • Timeframes regarding notifications, onsite and at desk reviews, submission of documents, and outcomes of decisions will remain the same.
  • You will still be notified via telephone to confirm the date of an upcoming Review.
  • You will still be required to produce and store ACFI documentation
    (i.e. ACFI packs and any other supporting documentation to allow the department’s ACFI review officers to verify your claim for subsidy).
  • Existing ACFI policy and legislation framework remains in place. To ensure you remain up to date with policy amendments, please refer to the department’s web page on the Basic Subsidy Amount (Aged Care Funding Instrument).

What can I do to prepare?

You should commence discussions within your organisation around which person/s will be required to be assigned the new ‘ACFI Contact’ role.

If the nominated person is already a registered portal user:

  • Staff being assigned the ‘ACFI Contact’ role must also have an existing service provider user role assigned.
  • Your organisation administrator will be able to assign them the ‘ACFI Contact’ role once the changes commence in September.
  • Once the ‘ACFI Contact’ role is assigned, the user will see the ‘ACFI Reviews’ tile in the provider portal.

If the person is not already a registered portal user:

Further information