Resources for the sector to share with service providers

Page last updated: 05 April 2017


These resources are available for you to share with your service providers via your communication channels.

Resources will be continually updated. Notifications of updates will be announced in our regular eNewsletter, which you can sign up for on the Advice to the Aged Care Industry page.

Any feedback in regards to information to this page can be emailed to the Department of Health.

Home Care Package Information and Support Material

We have developed a range of resources to support home care providers with understanding the requirements of the home care packages program. Support materials include:

  • Webinar recordings on topics such as the home care service finder, changing providers, unspent home care amounts, approved provider requirements and the national queue.
  • Fact sheets on topics such as the client journey, national prioritisation, changing providers, unspent home care amounts, exit amounts and the home care package service finder.
  • Videos covering the new data fields for Home Care Package providers for both the Organisation Administrator and the Outlet Administrator.
  • Forms and Guides such as the notification of home care maximum exit amount, provider readiness checklist and a step by step example of calculating unspent home care amount. 

New materials for providers are continually being developed and uploaded to the home care packages webpage.

Articles for publications targeting service providers

Are you giving out the right financial hardship forms?

Approved providers need to ensure they are giving the correct financial hardship application forms to care recipients. The correct forms include an integrated barcode to improve the lodgement process and a mailing address to the Department of Human Services (DHS). These forms are available on the DHS website:

Financial hardship assistance for Residential Aged Care (SA461)

Financial hardship assistance for Home Care and Residential Respite Care (SA462).

Please destroy any old stock you might be holding. Using the incorrect form will delay the form being processed as it needs to be redirected to DHS for actioning.

New approved provider application forms now available

Organisations seeking approval to provide aged care services under the Aged Care Act 1997 can apply using the new application forms

ACFI reviews: your questions answered

How often are ACFI reviews carried out at a service?

An Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI) review may occur at any time but most reviews occur a year apart. The department is now taking a more proportionate approach to ACFI reviews, based on relative risk, in an ongoing effort to reduce administrative burden on services that make accurate claims. This means reviews may be finalised earlier where no inaccurate claims are found. Residential aged care services considered to be at a lower risk of submitting inaccurate claims may also have fewer review visits in future. Information on reviews was published in Issue #2016/6 of the newsletter.

What proportion of ACFI appraisals is reviewed?

Under the Aged Care Act 1997, any number of ACFI appraisals at a service can be considered by the department during a visit. To limit administrative burden on approved providers, generally only 10 to 25 per cent of residents are reviewed depending on the service’s review history.

When does the department seek additional information?

The department may seek additional information if documentary evidence is insufficient to verify the claims that are being reviewed. This can include extra documentation, speaking with staff, or observing care recipients. Providing accurate information at the time of the review reduces the need for follow-up action by approved providers and the department.

Further information is available on the department's ACFI webpage.


A series of three videos on consumer directed care.

Consumer Directed Care in home care package service delivery – organisational culture change

This video highlights cultural and organisational adjustments to business practices beneficial to successful delivery of services using a CDC model.

Consumer Directed Care in home care package service delivery – innovation

This video showcases how innovation in business practices is beneficial to successful delivery of services using a CDC model.

Consumer Directed Care in home care package service delivery – brokerage

This video showcases the benefits of using brokered services to provide consumers with real choice in service delivery.

Quality Indicators

A video on the introduction of the Quality Indicator Application for Residential Aged Care.

Quality Indicator application for Residential Aged Care 

This video showcases the Quality Indicator application on the My Aged Care Provider portal and explains the steps in assigning the Quality Indicator tile, setting targets for each Quality Indicator and entering data for the quarter.

Printed materials

My Aged Care fridge magnets
Free My Aged Care fridge magnets are available to be ordered.

My Aged Care postcards
Free My Aged Care postcards are available to be ordered.

Five steps to Entry into an aged care home
Booklet helping older people, families and carers to understand the process for moving into an aged care home.