Changes to Provisionally Allocated Places

Page last updated: 14 August 2015

This information was uploaded on 13 August 2015

Dear Aged Care Stakeholder

The Government is committed to reducing red tape across the sector to ease the regulatory burden on approved providers. As part of this, the Government has been working in consultation with the sector, in particular the Aged Care Sector Committee resulting in the development of the Red Tape Reduction Action Plan.

One area highlighted in the Red Tape Reduction Action Plan was the requirement for the review of places management.

A nationally consistent approach to managing provisionally allocated residential aged care places is being implemented. The new approach will decrease red tape by reducing the reporting burden associated with provisionally allocated places. At present, approved providers that have been provisionally allocated places are required to report quarterly on progress towards operationalising those places. It is proposed that this is changed to annual reports, reducing the administrative burden by 75%.

It is also proposed that the timeframes linked to provisional allocations are changed to more accurately reflect the business realities of approved providers. It is proposed that by aligning the provisional allocation period with the average time it takes to operationalise a place, most providers will not need to seek an extension.  However, going forward, where extensions are needed, they will be limited to two twelve month extensions with places that remain non-operational six or more years only granted an extension in exceptional circumstances.

Transitional Arrangements

The Department will shortly be writing to all approved providers that have been identified as having provisionally allocated places for a period of six or more years since allocation. The Department would like to discuss the action being taken to start delivering care in these places, and any additional extensions that may be required to achieve this ahead of the changes commencing.

Kind regards

Ageing and Aged Care Stream
Department of Social Services