National Aged Care Quality Indicator Programme

Page last updated: 12 March 2015

This information was distributed on 5 March 2015.

Dear Approved Provider of Residential Aged Care

This message is to update you about the development of the National Aged Care Quality Indicator (QI) Programme and to encourage participation in the upcoming pilot of the first QIs.

The Department of Social Services (the Department) has been working with the National Aged Care Alliance (NACA) QI Reference Group to develop a voluntary national QI Programme for residential aged care services.

QI will give consumers, their families and carers greater access to information about the quality of aged care services and inform their choices about the type of aged care services they use. The adoption of QIs is also an opportunity for providers to drive continuous quality improvement while being able to compare their performance with other similar services.

NACA Reference Group

As part of the aged care changes begun in 2012, a Reference Group was established under the auspices of the National Aged Care Alliance to provide advice on the development of QIs for residential aged care facilities.

The Reference Group endorsed a phased approach to the development and implementation of a national QI programme. Minister Fifield announced in May 2014 that three clinical QIs will be piloted in residential aged care services.

The three initial clinical QIs to be piloted are pressure injuries, unplanned weight loss and physical restraint. Quality of life/consumer experience indicators are also being developed in consultation with stakeholders and will also be piloted. The initial clinical QIs draw on extensive international and Victorian public sector residential care experience.

National Pilot of QIs

The Department is seeking residential aged care facilities to participate in this exciting development work within the Australian aged care sector. The national pilot of this first set of QIs will commence in May 2015, with national voluntary implementation to follow. KPMG is assisting the Department with the national pilot.

The Department would like to encourage approved providers to participate in this important work that will help shape the future QIs for aged care in Australia. Participation will involve:

  • trialing and providing feedback on the collection and reporting processes of QI data;
  • developing and piloting a quality of life/consumer experience measure;
  • support and information, including individual QI reports and outcomes, from KPMG who will be the main contact for participants.

Provider participation in the pilot and the national programme is voluntary. Data collected via the pilot will not include any identifiable care recipient details or be published. There is no legislative requirement to collect the information in this form. It is complementary to, but not part of, the accreditation standards.

To ensure a full range of service providers are represented in the national pilot, KPMG will directly approach around 160 facilities. If KPMG do not directly approach you, you are welcome and encouraged to participate in the pilot as an important first step towards a national QI programme.

How to participate

Please find attached further information from KPMG with participation details. If you require more information and/or are interested in participating in the residential aged care facility quality indicator pilot, please contact a KPMG team member on:

Free call: 1800 881 436 or email

Kind regards

Ageing and Aged Care Stream
Department of Social Services