Queensland Food Safety Alert

Page last updated: 02 March 2015

This information was distributed on 21 February 2015.

Please note this information was sent to Queensland stakeholders only.

The Department has been advised by Queensland Health to be aware of Salmonella in eggs.

There has been an unprecedented increase in cases of food borne illness, many of which are related to outbreaks of Salmonella.

It is encouraged that all facilities avoid the supply of raw or lightly cooked egg or egg based food such as mayonnaise, aioli, custard, cheesecake, eggnog, deep fried ice cream and mousse.

When preparing food for an “at risk group” all facilities should use safer alternative to raw or undercooked eggs products such as using either eggs that have been treated to kill Salmonella by pasteurisation or another approved method.

A fact sheet will be made available on the Queensland Health website.

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Ageing and Aged Care Stream
Department of Social Services