Release of Programme Manual, Fees Policy and Good Practice Guide for Wellness, Reablement and Restorative Care

Page last updated: 05 December 2016

This information was distributed on 3 March 2015.

Dear Aged Care Stakeholder,

I am writing to tell you about current consultation opportunities for the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP).


From 1 July 2015, the CHSP will bring together a range of programmes to form the entry tier of the aged care system including:

  • Commonwealth HACC Program;
  • National Respite for Carers Program;
  • Day Therapy Centres Program; and
  • Assistance with Care and Housing for the Aged Program.

The establishment of the CHSP represents an important step forward in the evolution of the aged care system. It will build on the programs it replaces and will make much needed improvements by:

  • providing streamlined entry-level support services;
  • standardising entry and assessment through My Aged Care;
  • delivering services and support with a restorative approach (incorporating  wellness and reablement);
  • promoting equity and sustainability through a national fees policy; and
  • reducing red tape for providers by streamlining contractual responsibilities, simplifying funding arrangements and reporting.

While these are important and significant improvements, the CHSP will also provide for a great deal of stability for both clients and providers. At the end of last year, the Government announced that the overwhelming majority of providers funded through the current programmes will continue to deliver services under the CHSP, while people receiving services under the existing programmes will continue to be supported.

Consultation opportunities

There has been a comprehensive process to develop the CHSP and a very important aspect has been input from the aged care sector. We are now entering a new stage of consultation with the sector on core documents for the programme.

The Department is seeking your feedback on the draft Programme Manual, Fees Policy and Good Practice Guide for Restorative Care Approaches (incorporating wellness and reablement).

Draft CHSP Manual for providers

The Programme Manual will be a key document for providers to understand the operational and administrative requirements of the CHSP.

The Manual is structured in two parts:

  • Part A details the delivery of the CHSP services including operational requirements; and
  • Part B details providers and Departmental obligations for the administration of the CHSP, including funding and reporting arrangements.

After comments have been considered the CHSP Programme Manual will be finalised and published in the CHSP section of the website.

CHSP Fees Policy

In August 2013, the former Government announced that a national fees policy will be introduced for the CHSP. The Department has developed a consultation paper in consultation with the Fees Sub-Group of the National Aged Care Alliance’s CHSP Expert Advisory Group. The consultation paper is specifically designed to elicit sector feedback on an effective approach to the collection of fees from clients.

The final policy will be informed by feedback and finalised in consultation with the National Aged Care Alliance’s CHSP Expert Advisory Group and peak bodies.

Good Practice Guide for Restorative Care Approaches (incorporating wellness and reablement) 

We have developed a Good Practice Guide for Restorative Care Approaches (incorporating wellness and reablement) in consultation with the National Aged Care Alliance Wellness working group.

The purpose of the Good Practice Guide is to provide background information for providers on wellness, reablement and restorative care concepts and  approaches in home care services, describe what good practice looks like and what organisations and individuals can do to successfully support these approaches.

We are seeking your feedback and ideas on how to support implementation of these approaches in the CHSP.

How to provide your feedback

All three documents are now available on the Commonwealth Home Support Programme page. Feedback will close on the 15 April 2015.

We will be working very closely with the National Aged Care Alliance during the consultation process. We encourage you to engage with your local peak bodies if you would like to provide feedback, or else you can email your feedback to

Aged Care Briefings

The Department is holding a series of sector briefings on 2015 Aged Care Changes, commencing in Sydney on 3 March 2015.  The briefings will include a specific session on the CHSP, which will provide further information on the draft Programme Manual, Fees Policy and Good Practice Guide.  More information about the briefings, including other locations, dates and the process to RSVP is available on the Sector briefings page.

We will also be holding a webinar on the CHSP in April. Further information on this will be sent out shortly.

If you have any questions about the briefings, you are welcome to email

Contact details

If you have any questions on the content of this letter you can email them to

Kind regards

Ageing and Aged Care Stream
Department of Social Services