Update on My Aged Care

Page last updated: 25 November 2016

This information was uploaded on 8 July 2015

Dear providers

The expanded operation of My Aged Care from 1 July 2015 has commenced successfully. This includes:

  • The contact centre registering callers seeking access to services;
  • Electronic referrals being sent and received by both assessors and service providers;
  • Updated service information (including non-funded and availability information) displaying on the My Aged Care website and providers managing this information directly; and
  • The My Aged Care Regional Assessment Service undertaking face-to-face home support assessments with clients.

Please find below some important information about My Aged Care:
Update on issues management
As providers may be aware, the My Aged Care provider and assessor helpline is currently experiencing a high volume of calls. To ensure that calls can be answered as quickly as possible, could providers please consider collating a list of known non-time critical issues throughout the day and contacting the helpline to discuss the list towards the end of the day (i.e. between 4pm - 8pm). It would be useful if the following elements were captured (where possible) for each issue:

  • what portal you were using (assessor or provider portal)
  • what you were attempting to complete when the issue occurred
  • details of any error message shown.

Providers are encouraged to continue to escalate time critical issues (i.e. portal access issues) as soon as possible.

Please note: if a particular issue has been identified, a message may be placed on the helpline to notify callers that the issue is being investigated and further reporting of the issue is not necessary. The Department will also continue to provide written advice to Organisation Administrators about common issues and fixes as they arise.
Messaging to existing clients
It is important that people who are currently receiving aged care services understand that they do not need to contact My Aged Care unless their needs and/or circumstances have changed significantly and they require additional services.

People who have an existing approval for aged care services under the Aged Care Act 1997 (e.g. Home Care Packages or Residential Care) also do not need to contact My Aged Care. Service providers can begin providing services to a person with an existing approval without referring the person to My Aged Care to have a client record created or the screening process undertaken.  

This will reduce the large number of unnecessary calls we are receiving from this cohort.
Reminder to manage service information (availability and waitlist)
Providers are expected to only select ‘yes’ against service availability in the provider portal when they have services available. This will ensure that they are able to accept the referrals for service that they receive and commence services promptly.

Providers may wish to consider using the waitlist functionality for their services if they do not currently have services available.

We have received a high volume of calls from providers that have listed their services as available, and in fact do not have availability. The provider has then rung the Helpline to ask for the referral to be rejected.

Information about maintaining availability and waitlist information is available in the My Aged Care Provider Portal User Guide – Part One which can be accessed from dss.gov.au/MyAgedCare. Additional support materials such as videos and Quick Reference Guides are also available from the Department's website.

Thank you for your continued support and patience during this busy period.

Kind regards

Ageing and Aged Care Stream
Department of Social Services