Transitional arrangements for Provisionally Allocated Places

Page last updated: 23 November 2015

Changes to provisionally allocated places

The Aged Care Amendment (Red Tape Reduction in Places Management) Bill is a key component of the Government’s deregulation agenda that aims to make the business of delivering aged care easier. One way that it achieves this goal is by aligning the management of provisionally allocated aged care places with general business realities, by increasing the provisional allocation period from two years to four years, with two 12 month extensions. After six years, further extensions will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. This amendment to the Aged Care Act 1997 is scheduled to be introduced into Parliament in late November 2015. The new arrangements will apply to all provisionally allocated places including where provisionally allocated places have been allocated under previous legislative arrangements.

Transitional arrangements

Transitional arrangements have been put in place to ensure that approved providers are aware of the new policy and to ensure that they have an opportunity to engage with the Department to manage their current provisionally allocated places prior to the proposed amendments becoming law. All applications to extend provisional allocation periods received prior to the legislation passing will be assessed on their own merits with a possible extension up to 30 July 2017 for current long term provisionally allocated allotments, where circumstances warrant. If approved providers wish to discuss what the transitional arrangements mean for them, they should contact their State/Territory Office of the Department or phone 1300 653 227. Further advice will be sent out by the Department once the legislation takes effect.

A form is available to apply for an extension of the provisional allocation period.