Commonwealth CoS Programme Manual

Page last updated: 21 April 2017

Please find below the updated (April 2017) version of the (1 December 2016) Commonwealth CoS Programme Manual.

This second version of the Manual should be used by all CoS Grant Recipients.

The (December 2016) CoS Programme Guidelines are also being reviewed and will be updated in the coming months.

Key areas of update in the manual include:

  • CoS implementation timeframes have been updated and now include Western Australia (Section 1.9)
  • Eligibility for CoS has not changed but additional clarity is provided (Section 1.6)
  • Additional detail is provided around Additional Support options (Section 3.4)
  • Updated detail is provided on accessing translation services (Section 5.1)
  • Performance reporting requirements have changed and become simpler (Section 5.12)