Continuity of support through CHSP

Page last updated: 30 November 2016

The Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) is an entry-level home support program funded by the Australian Government to help older people live independently and in their homes and communities.

The aim of the program is to help older people live as independently as possible – with a focus on working with you, rather than doing for you.

It is about building on your strengths and goals to help you live independently and safely at home.

Types of services include:

  • domestic assistance
  • personal care
  • social support – individual and group
  • allied health and therapy services
  • flexible and centre-based respite.

How Commonwealth Continuity of Support (CoS) Programme works with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Responsibility for managing the funding for support services used by people with disability is shifting from state and territory governments to the Australian Government as part of the roll-out of the NDIS.

The NDIS is only available to people who are under the age of 65 at the time of its roll-out in a region. However, the government will ensure that older people with disability who access disability services run by states and territories, who are not eligible for the NDIS, will still receive support. This will be done with funding from either the new CoS Programme or the CHSP.

CoS Programme and CHSP differences

You may be able to choose to have your specialist disability services funded under the CoS Programme or the CHSP, if your needs can also be met under the CHSP.

Under either program, you can continue to have:

  • the same service provider
  • the same types of services
  • the same level of service
  • no changes to your fee contributions.

If you choose to receive services under the CHSP or CoS Programme you will not lose any of your current services and you will not need to pay any more for them.

Benefits of CHSP funded support

The CHSP may be a better option for you as there are some benefits compared to the CoS Programme:

  • The CoS Programme is a small program and its funding is not expected to increase over time. Support under the CoS Programme is generally limited to continuing the levels and types of support that you were receiving when the NDIS was rolled out in your region.
  • The CHSP is a larger program and because it is part of the broader Australian aged care system, if your needs change you can access other aged care services and support.
  • The CHSP may be a better option for you if you only access services from time to time. In the CoS Programme, if you have not accessed support services for 12 months, you would need to reapply for support in the aged care system. If you choose to receive support from the CHSP, you can have a break from services and access them again without having to go through extra assessments.

Eligibility for CHSP

You do not have to have an eligibility assessment under My Aged Care if you choose to have your support funded under the CHSP rather than the CoS Programme. However, once you are a CHSP client and if your needs change, you will be able to have your needs assessed and the support services reviewed as needed.

Client costs

You will not need to pay any more for your current services under the CHSP or CoS Programme than you have been paying for your current specialist disability services. If you do not pay fees now, then you will not pay fees under either of these programs.

Funding of support under the CHSP

If your service provider is an existing CHSP provider and the service types are suitable for you, then your support services can be funded under the CHSP.

You will need to give your consent to your service provider/s for this to happen. You should not experience any differences between the support services you are receive now to the support services funded under the CHSP or CoS Programme.

More information

To start with, you should speak to your service provider/s and discuss the option of funding under the CHSP.

If you would like more information email: