CoS Translating and interpreting services

Page last updated: 22 March 2017

As a CoS Programme service provider, you can access government-funded interpreting services through the National Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS National) to communicate with clients from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

You can use TIS National to access interpreting services while reviewing service supports for CoS clients, including review of Service Agreements for Individual Support Package clients. Costs for this activity will accrue to the Commonwealth and the following registration steps need to be undertaken.

Please note Auslan interpreting is not available.

For a list of available languages, please visit the TIS National website.

Registering for TIS National services

Before using TIS National to review service supports for CoS clients, you must register online for a TIS National Code.

If you already have a TIS National code in the delivery of a different Commonwealth-funded program, a separate CoS Programme code is still needed to ensure services are funded correctly.

1. Completing the TIS National registration form

The first four fields in the registration form should be completed as follows:

  • Category: Commonwealth Government Agency
  • Sub-Category:  Other Commonwealth Government agency
  • Name of Agency – [insert your individual organisation name in this field]
  • Section Name – Commonwealth Continuity of Support

The remaining fields in the online registration form will request address, contact and service preference details. 

2. Submitting TIS National registration forms

When you submit a registration form through the TIS National website, you will receive an automated response with the client code.  

CoS providers should not use this code until they receive a welcome email from TIS National confirming their eligibility for the client code, or they may be charged directly for services.

Please note the TIS National client code is not transferrable between organisations.

If TIS National services are required urgently, before a TIS National client code has been allocated, call TIS National directly on 1300 655 820 (within Australia) during business hours for assistance.

Interpreting support outside the operational requirements of the CoS Programme

If you require an interpreter for your client outside of operational requirements (for example, as part of agreed service delivery in the client’s care plan), the above registration steps are not required and all costs incurred should be paid for through:

  • the service provider’s budget (for block-funded clients); or
  • the client’s available funds (for clients accessing Individual Support Packages). All costs must be made clear to the client prior to these services being included in the client’s budget.

Visit the TIS National website for more information on the service.

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