Registering grandfathered clients

Page last updated: 28 November 2019

The time to upload and submit grandfathered client data into the My Aged Care provider portal closed at midnight Friday 8 November 2019. No further extensions to the upload deadline are possible.

The Department of Health sincerely thanks CHSP providers for collecting and submitting the requested data.

This web page is being temporarily retained for reference purposes (as at 27.11.19).

All CHSP providers that have grandfathered clients who are not yet registered on My Aged Care are required to provide information on these clients to the Department of Health for the purpose of creating a client record. This is a requirement in the CHSP Program Manual 2018-20.

The data collected from grandfathered clients will be used to create a My Aged Care client record for these clients without an assessment being undertaken.

Grandfathered clients

Grandfathered clients are those clients who were already receiving services (through the former Commonwealth Home and Community Care, National Respite for Carers Program, Day Therapy Centres Program or Assistance with Care and Housing for the Aged Program) prior to CHSP commencing in July 2015.

These clients were transitioned into the CHSP to ensure continuity of care, regardless of their care needs and eligibility for the CHSP. These clients have continued receiving services under the CHSP and have not yet registered with My Aged Care.

Grandfathered services remain in place until other more appropriate services (Home Care Packages Program or the National Disability Insurance Scheme) become available, or the client’s needs change to require an assessment through My Aged Care.

Current data indicates there is a large number (around 160,000) of these grandfathered clients who are not yet registered or assessed by My Aged Care. It is estimated that around 1,400 CHSP providers may need to submit data.

For the purpose of this project, only grandfathered clients who have received services in the last 12 months need to be included (ie 23 July 2018 to 22 July 2019).

Data collection template

The Department has developed a data collection template for this purpose. This template was made available on Monday 17 June 2019.

CHSP providers are required to complete the data collection template for all grandfathered clients who are not yet registered on My Aged Care. 

My Aged Care provider portal

The My Aged Care provider portal opening has been extended to 11.59pm Friday 8 November 2019. The portal was previously set to close on 23 October 2019.

By this date, CHSP providers must:

  1. collect data from ‘grandfathered clients’ 
  2. enter data into the data collection template
  3. upload the data collection template into the My Aged Care provider portal
  4. add service information for each client uploaded in the provider portal from drop down menus
  5. submit the finalised data.


The insertion of client service information in the My Aged Care provider portal may be time consuming for providers with large numbers of grandfathered clients – providers are encouraged to complete this requirement as soon as possible.

If grandfathered clients are unwilling to give the necessary information, let them know there is no impact on their current services.

If a client is unwilling to provide their Medicare, Department of Veterans’ Affairs or Centrelink Reference Number, you can still collect and submit their other client details. The department is looking at longer term options for getting these clients a My Aged Care client record.

There are no ‘offline’ options for submitting the data collection template (spreadsheet) – the ‘Organisation Administrator’ must upload it into the My Aged Care provider portal and enter the service information for each client.

Some providers have uploaded their client information in the provider portal but have not submitted the final information – please click ‘submit’ once all clients are in a status of ‘ready to submit’. 

Guidance and instructions

All information updates will be posted on this page, including additional instructions and information about the next stage of the data collection project in My Aged Care provider portal in July.

Letter from department to CHSP providers explaining data collection process (updated 27 June 2019) 

Sample letter to grandfathered clients (from providers) (updated 27 June 2019) 

Quick Reference Guide (for CHSP providers) — explains how to upload the data collection template into the My Aged Care Provider Portal and select the services each client receives (updated 14 October 2019)

Please note: this guide has been designed to be used by CHSP provider staff who are ‘My Aged Care Organisation Administrators’ and was updated on 14 October 2019.

Timeline for CHSP providers 

Following feedback from the sector and providers about the time required to complete this task, the department has again extended the project deadline from 23 October 2019 to 11.59pm 8 November 2019. This means providers will have more time to undertake the data collection process in the My Aged Care provider portal.



From 17 June 2019

Start collecting grandfathered client data using the template

22 July to 11.59pm 8 November 2019

Upload completed template into the My Aged Care provider portal

Enter service delivery information for each client from drop down menus

Submit finalised data

Need assistance?

Please contact your Funding Arrangement Manager or send an email to

For technical queries about the My Aged Care provider portal, CHSP providers can contact the My Aged Care provider and assessor helpline on 1800 836 799. The helpline is available during these hours, local time across Australia – Monday to Friday between 8am to 8pm and Saturday from 10am to 2pm.