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Page last updated: 02 March 2018

The department has developed core documents and resources to assist providers with the implementation of the CHSP.

Commonwealth Home Support Programme - My Aged Care system and process overview

A series of My Aged Care system and process overviews have been developed to help improve access to information about My Aged Care.

The CHSP provider wheel gives an overview of the key steps that providers should follow to assist them in performing their role successfully in My Aged Care. Where available, links to guidance information are included for each key task.  

Manuals and guidelines

  • Commonwealth Home Support Programme Manual

    The new revised manual outlines the requirements supporting the delivery and management of the CHSP. It is primarily for use by service providers and forms part of their grant agreement. The detailed manual took effect in line with the 1 November 2015 grant agreements.

  • Commonwealth Home Support Programme Guidelines

    Form the basis of the business relationship between DSS and the CHSP grant recipient. They provide an overview of the CHSP and its related activities, selection criteria, performance management and reporting. The guidelines should be read in conjunction with the DSS Comprehensive Grant Agreement, available on the Department of Social Services website.

  • Living well at home: CHSP Good Practice Guide

    A resource for service providers that describes the concepts and principles of wellness, reablement and restorative care approaches in CHSP service delivery. It builds on existing examples of wellness practices and draws on communications, capacity-building and training products that have been developed over a number of years in Australia and overseas.

Frameworks and guides

Provider updates and factsheets


If you are an existing CHSP provider with questions you should direct them to your local Grant Agreement Manager.


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