Flexible care

Page last updated: 23 February 2017

Flexible care acknowledges that the needs of aged care recipients may require a different care approach than that provided through mainstream residential and home care.

Transition care

Transition care provides time-limited, goal-oriented and therapy-focused packages of services to eligible older people after a hospital stay.

Short-term Restorative Care Programme

Older Australians should be supported to stay in their own home, living independently. Short-term restorative care can support people to be independent again after a setback, like an illness or a fall.

Multi-Purpose Services Program

The Multi-Purpose Services Program provides integrated health and aged care services for small regional and remote communities, allowing services to exist in regions that could not viably support stand-alone hospitals or aged care homes.

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flexible Aged Care Program

This program funds organisations to provide culturally appropriate aged care for older Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people close to home and community.

Support Services for Remote and Indigenous Aged Care

Assisting aged care providers to deliver services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people located anywhere in Australia, and aged care providers located in remote and very remote areas.

Innovative Care Program

Innovative care is a small program originally set up to test new approaches to providing care for a specific target group.