About the Multi-Purpose Services Program

Page last updated: 13 September 2019

The Multi-Purpose Services Program is a long-standing, joint initiative of the Australian Government and state and territory governments, and provides integrated health and aged care services for small regional and remote communities. It allows services to exist in regions that could not viably support stand-alone hospitals or aged care homes.

Multi-Purpose Services receive Australian Government funding to deliver aged care services.  State or territory governments provide funding for the delivery of health services and the necessary capital infrastructure.

Multi-Purpose Services are administered under the Aged Care Act 1997 and associated Aged Care Principles.

Program objectives

The Multi-Purpose Services Program objectives are to provide rural and remote communities:

  • improved access to a mix of health and aged care services that meet community needs
  • more innovative, flexible and integrated service delivery
  • flexible use of funding and/or resource infrastructure within integrated service planning
  • improved quality of care for clients
  • improved cost-effectiveness and long term viability of services.

Key Facts

Multi-Purpose Services are located in all states and the Northern Territory. View the map of where services are located.

The Department of Health publishes the MPS Aged Care Fact sheets on GEN Aged Care Data website:

The Department of Health publishes its most recent service lists on GEN Aged Care Data. The service lists give a record for every aged care service in Australia, including Multi-Purpose Services, providing details such as location, provider, the number of allocated places and the Australian Government funding contribution. Service lists are updated annually. You can download the most recent service lists from GEN.

Visit My Aged Care to find a Multi-Purpose Service.  The service finder tool can locate Multi-Purpose Services that provide care in the home or that deliver residential care.