About the Home Care Packages Program

Page last updated: 21 April 2017

The Home Care Packages Program helps older Australians with complex care needs to live independently in their own homes.
The Program is part of the Australian Government’s continuum of care for older Australians and is positioned between residential aged care and the Commonwealth Home Support Program.

What is a home care package?

Under the Aged Care Act 1997, the Australian Government provides a subsidy to an approved provider of home care to coordinate a package of care, services and case management to meet the individual needs of older Australians.

Individuals are assessed by a professional assessor using a nationally consistent assessment framework.
There are four levels of support:

  • Home Care Level 1 – basic care needs
  • Home Care Level 2 – low level care needs
  • Home Care Level 3 – intermediate care needs
  • Home Care Level 4 – high care needs

During the assessment process each individual’s priority for care is also determined.

Individuals approved for a home care package are placed on a national queue until a package becomes available and is assigned to them.
When care commences all approved providers must deliver home care package services under a consumer directed care basis.

What services are provided under the Program?

Home care package recipients are not limited to a basic list of services.  Approved providers work with each of their clients to select services that best meet each individual’s care needs and goals.

View information about package costs, restrictions and services on the My Aged Care website.

View the full list of services provided in the User Rights Principles 2014 on the Federal Register of Legislation website.

Subsidy amounts and supplements

The Home Care Packages Program provides a subsidy towards the total amount of funds available under a home care package.  Each level of home care package provides a different subsidy amount.

Supplements are also available to eligible approved providers of home care to meet individual needs.

Find more information on subsidies and supplements for each level package.

Consumer Contributions

If personal circumstances allow, consumers can be asked to make a financial contribution towards the cost of their care.  A home care fee estimator calculator is available on the My Aged Care website for people starting a home care package from 1 July 2014 onwards.

More information is available on fees a consumer can be asked to pay (for those who take up a home care package on or after 1 July 2014).
Information about the current fees is available on the Schedule of Fees and Charges for Residential and Home Care.

Find more information on annual and lifetime caps  for income-tested care fees.

Read about the fee arrangements when a pre-1 July 2014 home care consumer is intending to move to a new home care service provider.

Find more detailed information on home care fees.


Questions from providers about the Home Care Packages Program should be directed to the My Aged Care providers contact centre on 1800 836 799.

Consumers should go to the My Aged Care website or call the My Aged Care national contact centre on 1800 200 422 for assistance.

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