Aged Care Assessment Workforce (RAS and ACAT) - My Aged Care system and process overview

Page last updated: 01 March 2018

An overview of the steps that Aged Care Assessment Teams and the Regional Assessment Service follow, with links (where available) to guidance information on each step.

The My Aged Care system and process overview wheel will assist both RAS and ACATs with navigating through My Aged Care.

Where appropriate, links to key guidance information on Health’s website are included.

The Aged Care Assessment Workforce (RAS and ACAT) – My Aged Care system and process overview outlines the key steps that assessors need to complete to carry out their role successfully in My Aged Care. For example, it outlines:

  • the training and certification required to become an assessor
  • accessing the assessor portal
  • receiving and managing referrals for assessment
  • conducting and finalising assessments
  • matching and referring for services
  • managing the changing needs of clients.  

    Tips for use:

  • The steps in the wheel are listed in logical order for navigating My Aged Care to complete daily tasks.
  • If you hover your mouse over a step you will see it is linked to another page on the department’s website that contains supporting material (where available).

    Note that although this wheel is reviewed regularly, the information provided is not exhaustive and should be read in conjunction with the ‘My Aged Care Assessment Manual For Regional Assessment Services and Aged Care Assessment Teams’ and the ‘Good Practice Guide to Consistent Assessment’ . ACAT and RAS organisations should also consult their individual contracts for specific information including Key Performance Indicators.

Document Outline

Getting Started

1. Training /certification

1.1 Complete My Aged Care standard accredited and non-accredited training:

  • Statement of Attainment 2 (RAS)
  • Statement of Attainment 3 (ACAT)
  • NSAF and systems training
  • Self paced learning experiences

1.2 Optional: Delegate training (ACAT only)

2. Accessing and setting up the My Aged Care Assessor Portal

2.1 Request authenticated access (Auskey/VANguard)

2.2 Create and edit staff details

2.3 Create a delegate profile (ACAT) QRG 12

2.4 Set up preferences for managing tasks and notifications:

2.5 Optional: download and activate the myAssessor App

Providing a Service

3. Manage assessment referrals

3.1 Team Leader manages referrals for assessment:

3.2 Assigned assessor views summary of client record including the Action Plan and client preferences for care:

3.3 Schedule assessment

4. Conduct the assessment

4.1 Prepare for assessment

4.2 Conduct the assessment as scheduled using the NSAF:

4.3 Complete support plan with client:

5. Assessment finalisation

5.1 Delegate reviews and approves recommendations (ACAT) QRG 10

5.2 Facilitate short-term reablement (RAS) (if required)

5.3 Provide linking support to vulnerable clients (if required)

5.4 Provide client with assessment outcomes, including (where relevant)

  • support plan, application for care form, delegate decision letter, referral code letter.

Actioning Outcomes

6. Service matching and referral

6.1 Issue referrals as appropriate for service for CHSP, Residential Care and Flexible Care (with client's consent):

Note that for Home Care Package program this can only occur once a client has been assigned a package

6.2 Assessor follow up (if required)


7. Support plan review

7.1 View and manage support plan reviews (Team Leader):

7.2 Assessor schedules and actions support plan review: