Reporting for CHSP

Page last updated: 13 October 2017

Performance Reporting 

All CHSP funded organisations must meet the performance reporting requirements outlined in the organisation’s CHSP Comprehensive Grant Agreement. An organisation’s performance reporting is recorded in the Data Exchange. 

Reporting under the Data Exchange means there will be:

  • fewer, more targeted data items reported
  • streamlined reporting arrangements
  • a simple and easy to use IT tool that allows for system to system transfers, bulk uploads or a free web-based portal
  • greater access to client outcome data
  • a partnership approach to reporting information about client outcomes.

Organisations report each session of service delivered to a care recipient or support person that involves CHSP funding in the Data Exchange. The CHSP Section of the Data Exchange Protocols Appendix B includes information (and worked examples) on how to report CHSP services in the Data Exchange and has recently been updated. Providers are to report using the updated guidance from this current reporting period (1 July – 31 Dec 2017) onwards.

Task cards, e-Learning modules and webinars, designed to assist organisations reporting via the Data Exchange, are available to access on the Data Exchange website.

CHSP Organisation Overview Report

The CHSP Organisation Overview Report in the Data Exchange provides organisations with a new and interactive tool (Qlik) to view and analyse their own data. A user’s access to their CHSP Organisation Overview Report will mirror their access to the Data Exchange. For example, if a user can only enter data against one outlet, only that outlet will show in the report even if the organisation they work for has multiple outlets.

Guidance material available:

Additional assistance for reporting CHSP services under the Data Exchange 

For general CHSP grant or program questions, including how to report outputs and fees for service types, contact your Grant Agreement Manager. 

For general and technical Data Exchange enquiries, including assistance with setting up system access, assistance in correcting data entry and how to navigate the CHSP Organisation Overview report, contact the Data Exchange Helpdesk via email or phone 1800 020 283 between 8.30am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday.