Review of wellness and reablement in the home care sector

Page last updated: 05 June 2018

In early 2017, the department engaged Nous Group to conduct a national review of wellness and reablement approaches within the aged home care sector. Findings from the review have influenced the design of the Better Ageing – Promoting Independent Living 2018-19 Budget Measure.

A focus on wellness and reablement approaches has been shown to improve function, independence and quality of life for older people.  This is also a key goal of the current suite of government funded home care programs which aim to support older people to maximise their independence and assist them to remain in their homes for as long as they can and wish to do so.  Embedding wellness and reablement within this sector therefore remains a key goal for both the government and the broader aged care sector.

Aim of the review

The aim of the review was to assist the department to gain a better understanding of wellness and reablement in the aged home care context, including:

  • existing programs and pathways 
  • uptake, understanding and delivery of these approaches across the different aged care programs, stakeholder groups and jurisdictions
  • enablers or barriers to implementation.

Who was involved?

The consultation included workshops, focus groups, surveys and interviews.  More than 1,200 participants contributed to the review.  The Department would like to thank all those participants who actively contributed to the review. 

Summary of consultations

Nous Group have produced a summary of the consultations which shows there is strong support for wellness and reablement approaches across the home care sector.