Strengthening protections for older Australians – Options for a national aged care Serious Incident Response Scheme report.

Page last updated: 03 April 2019

Final report:

Following a recommendation of the Carnell Paterson Review of National Aged Care Quality Regulatory Processes, the Department engaged KPMG to undertake extensive stakeholder consultation and analysis to develop a report outlining options for Government consideration. 

The report Strengthening protections for older Australians - Development of models and options for a Serious Incident Response Scheme for Commonwealth-funded aged care service providers explores five options for a Serious Incident Response Scheme:

  • Option 1: no change to the current arrangements. 
  • Option 2: developing guidance material to better enforce the current arrangements. 
  • Option 3: introducing a reportable conduct scheme requiring all aged care service providers to report abuse or neglect by a staff member against a consumer.
  • Option 4: expanding Option 3 to include unexplained serious injury in residential aged care as a serious incident. 
  • Option 5: expanding Option 3 to include aggression and abuse between consumers in residential aged care settings as a serious incident.

The Department would like to thank the more than 130 aged care sector stakeholders, including representatives of consumer advocate groups, approved providers and the aged care workforce, who participated in consultations during the development of the report.

The Government will respond to proposed options in the report shortly.

Minister Wyatt’s media release – Stronger Aged Care Protections for Senior Australians – 29 March 2019