The five strategic imperatives of the Aged Care Taskforce Strategy

Page last updated: 31 August 2018

 five strategic imperatives 


The first imperative – Why the aged care industry matters

This recognised rising consumer demand for ageing services, re-profiling the industry, supporting good governance and acknowledging it is essential to have people want to belong to this industry. 

The second imperative – Industry leadership, mindset and accountability

The second imperative – Industry leadership, mindset and accountability

The third imperative - Industry workforce organisation and education (current and future)

With a line of sight to delivery of consumer outcomes and quality of care, this imperative covered current job roles, capabilities and competencies, emerging education, training and skill needs, job pathways and career progression, and the gap between the current state and the requirements for the future workforce. 

The fourth imperative - Industry attraction and retention

The fourth imperative focussed on industry attraction and retention to assess the factors that influence the appeal of the industry and the capacity to retain skilled people and grow the industry.

The fifth imperative – Translating research and Technology into Models of Care and Practice

The fifth imperative dealt with translating research and technology into models of care and practice to ensure that new industry-focused models of care and technology can be explored and translated into practice. This will support implementation of work practices to enable better outcomes while empowering the workforce with evidence-based resources and tools.