RUCS Sector Reference Group Meeting Summary – 19 October 2018

Page last updated: 14 March 2019

Presentation of version 1 of the Australian National Aged Care Classification (AN-ACC)

Australian Health Services Research Institute (AHSRI) presented on version 1 of the AN-ACC which comprises 13 classes which are broken into the following branches:

  • End of life care at admission (one class)
  • Independent mobility (two classes)
  • Assisted mobility (five classes)
  • Not mobile (five classes)

Members of the SRG supported the classification for further development and there was a general positive consensus about version 1.

Preliminary results from Study Two

AHSRI presented on the preliminary results from Study Two. The results highlighted that approximately 85 of costs were direct costs, of which 80% were salaries.

Drivers of fixed care costs were very remote facilities (Modified Monash Model 7) and those that specialise in indigenous care. Remoteness is also closely associated with small bed size and low occupancy.

SRG Members were comfortable with these findings.

Supplementary Study One Update, Broader Project Update and Communication Plan

Study Three

  • AHSRI have planned a three stage roll out for Study Three and will be using a cluster approach to assessor recruitment to enable rollout to regions with existing assessors.
  • Assessments commenced in early October 2018 and will be finalised in December 2018.

Supplementary Study One

  • Data collection has been finalised for sites in the Hunter region and Victoria. Data collection commenced in North Queensland on 1 October 2018.
  • Assessors have been participating in weekly teleconferences and assessor training seminars were scheduled prior to the commencement of data collection.

Consultation Paper

  • The Department is developing a consultation paper on the RUCS and provided a proposed outline to members. Members provided feedback on issues they wanted to see addressed in the paper.

The next SRG meeting will be a joint SRG and RUCS Stakeholder Forum to be held on 19 November 2018.