RUCS Sector Reference Group Meeting Summary – 5 December 2017

Page last updated: 12 January 2018

Australian Health Services Research Institute (AHSRI) provided a project update on the Resource Utilisation and Classification Study (RUCS). Recent work on the project was discussion by members. The main items were:

Development of the resident assessment tool

The purpose of this tool is to capture the attributes of residents that drive care costs. AHSRI established four clinical panels to provide advice on developing this tool. These panels covered the following clinical areas:

  • function, cognition and behaviour;
  • end of life;
  • wound care; and
  • technical nursing.

Engaging sites to take part in Study One

Site engagement for Study One has been progressing well. AHSRI invited all selected Study One sites to take part. The response to these invitations has been positive, but many sites have requested further information.

Assessment workforce recruitment strategy for study one

Members emphasised that assessors will need to have appropriate experience, skills and training. This is important to ensure assessments are of a high quality. AHSRI noted they may need different assessment workforce strategies across regions for Study One.

Development of study methodology

ASHRI is finalising the methodology for Study One and continuing to develop the methodology for Study Two.

Seeking ethics approval for the project

AHSRI is continuing to work through the ethics approval process for the project.

The Department also noted that the Government has not yet made a decision on reform options, but that the RUCS is the focus of the reform process at the moment. The RUCS will provide information to inform the consideration of all reform options.

The next SRG meeting will be on 17 January 2018.