RUCS Sector Reference Group Meeting Summary – 4 October 2017

Page last updated: 27 October 2017
  • The Department of Health welcomed members to the first meeting of the Resource Utilisation and Classification Study (RUCS) Sector Reference Group (SRG) and provided an overview of the purpose of this group.
  • The Australian Health Services Research Institute (AHSRI) presented on their Alternative Aged Care Assessment, Classification System and Funding Models Report, and the design of the RUCS.
  • Members discussed the scope of costs of care related activities that will be studied in the RUCS. AHSRI clarified that the RUCS will measure all care related activities that are delivered in participating facilities. It was also noted that the key focus will be on determining the relative costs of care between different types of residents.
  • Members discussed the need for the classification system developed as part of the RUCS to be simpler and more efficient than the current ACFI, for example by having less classes and a streamlined assessment process.
  • AHSRI also presented on the RUCS project plan. Members discussed some elements of this plan including study site recruitment and the clinical panels that will be established to assist with designing the assessment tool and classification system.
  • The next SRG meeting will be on 5 December 2017.