Final Report of the Review of Commonwealth aged care advocacy services

Page last updated: 26 February 2016

The Australian Government has completed the review of Commonwealth aged care advocacy services (the review) and released the final report.

Advocacy is a fundamental element of the aged care system. In an environment where the consumer has more choice and control over how they access their care services, individual advocacy support for older people is increasingly important in empowering consumers to exercise this choice.

In February 2015, the Department engaged Australian Healthcare Associates (AHA) to undertake the review. The objectives were to explore how individual advocacy is currently being delivered through the National Aged Care Advocacy Programme (NACAP) and Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP). It considered how increased consumer choice, decision making and the protection of consumer rights can best be supported by a single end to end aged care advocacy programme.

The review was informed by a consultation process with existing advocacy providers, peak organisations and other relevant stakeholders.

The report recommended the development of a National Aged Care Advocacy Framework to support a nationally consistent approach to the delivery of advocacy services.

The outcomes of the review will inform the design of future aged care advocacy services which focusses on individual support and is accessible to all consumers of Commonwealth-funded aged care services.

The Government is committed to continue working with advocacy providers and key stakeholders to ensure a robust co-design of the Framework and to provide consistent and quality advocacy support for aged care consumers.


To contact your local National Aged Care Advocacy provider, call the National Aged Care Advocacy line on 1800 700 600 (free call) or email:

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